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How to Select the Right Bidder

Obviously, you don’t want to pay more than necessary, but is there a definite limit to your budget on this project? If so, hopefully you’ve set the budget limit accordingly in your project post. Freelancers aren’t required to stay within the range of your budget with their bids, so if you have a ceiling in the budget, start by eliminating all those bids that are above the range you set. If your budget is a little more flexible, you may want to take a close look at those freelancers who bid higher before you decide. Some may be worth paying a bit more to hire if it means that you end up with a better product.

Don’t take this question too lightly. New freelancers arrive on the scene daily and many of these new arrivals are extremely talented people. Many will be pricing their work a bit lower than the average, in order to establish themselves. If a bidder has no feedback, read their bid proposal and be sure to check out their portfolio. You may be able to help yourself by hiring promising new talent at a good price and gain an appreciative new resource. If your project is extremely sensitive in any way, you may want to consider only those bidders with a good track record.

Time sensitivity on a project should be stated in the description. If you made it clear what your deadline is, you can quickly eliminate any bids that fall outside that range. If your project description states that the work needs to be completed in 3 days and a bidder offers to complete it in 10 days, there’s a problem. In most cases, the bidder probably didn’t take the time to read the description thoroughly and that’s not a good sign. On the other hand, if you find that most experienced freelancers have set a time frame higher than yours, you may want to consider whether your deadline is realistic. In cases like this, look carefully at the feedback of bidders that claim to be able to deliver on time. Awarding the project only to have the deadline missed isn’t good for you or the freelancer.

This single question can often eliminate a surprising number of bids. Asking for specific information in your project description is a terrific way to determine if a bidder took the time to read your project description. This one should be a no-brainer; if the information isn’t there, don’t consider the bid. Hopefully by the time you reach the end of this list, you’ve narrowed the number of bids to consider. Now, it’s a matter of searching through the qualified candidates and perhaps starting chat conversations or messages until you find just the right freelancer for the job.

Messaging in Projects

Communication is key. There couldn’t have been any project that’s ever completed without words exchanged between employer and freelancer. Thus, we encourage our users to keep lines of communication open. messaging is easy. It all starts with the employer. If they need to clarify things with a bidder or ask for their qualifications, they can message them directly. On the project page, all they have to do is locate the bidder they’d like to message and hit the Contact button on their bid.

A contact page will then appear at the bottom of the screen. Like any standard message dialogue box, text should be entered to start the conversation. Only when the employer initiates messaging will the freelancer (bidder) be able to use this feature. There’s an attachment tool through which users can send files of up to 256 MB in size. It’s a simple matter of clicking the icon or dragging and dropping the file(s) there. Users may send multiple attachments at a time. Image files will display a thumbnail preview within the conversation.

All messages are kept in the Inbox where a user can view all current and past All messages are kept in the Inbox where a user can view all current and past message threads. From this page, users are able to send messages just the same as with the chat box. Only users whose projects are current/ongoing can be contacted—meaning when a project is cancelled or deleted, a user can no longer send a message to the other user unless a new project is in place. For closed projects (completed/incomplete), the messaging option will still be available to both users.

If you receive any message that violates our Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct, you have the option to report it. To do this, just go to your Inbox, select the message thread from the left pane, hover your mouse over the message to be reported and click X. The Report option will then appear. Click it, select your reason for reporting and provide the details of the violation made. Appropriate sanctions will be given to the reported user if the report is found valid.

What is Freelancer or Skillants? is an online job marketplace that provides a means for employers and freelancers around the globe to collaborate for mutual benefit. Individuals or businesses in need of skilled help for short or long-term projects can post those projects and allow skillants/freelancers to submit bids for the completion of the work. For the employer or service buyer, provides immediate access to thousands of independent contractors with specific skills, without the need to place job ads or provide work space, insurance, etc. For the Skillants or service provider, offers a constant source of part-time to full-time work opportunities, without the trouble and expenses of advertising and self-promotion.

Projects are posted by registered employers with work descriptions, skill requirements, and a budget range. Freelancers browse or search the posted projects for those that match their skills and interests. After reading the full descriptions of applicable projects, freelancers can place bids and upload their work samples on their portfolio page for employers to check. Employers then examine the posted bids and work samples to determine the most qualified bidders and award the project to one or more freelancers. encourages employers to provide accurate and complete descriptions when posting projects. Our posting and bidding systems are designed to maximize the potential for satisfactory results for both the service buyer and service provider. Optional features can be added to a project post.

Each registered user is provided with a free online account for payments or fund transfers. Funds can be added as direct payments from other users through projects/contests or from various payment sources such as the user's credit card, online accounts or bank transfer. A skillants may withdraw funds from his or her account via Express Withdrawal, Wire Withdrawal, or online account (Payza or Local Bank Pay). An optional debit card is also available that provides users with immediate access to the funds in their accounts. Withdrawal requests are handled on a weekly basis. Fees payable to for memberships, project acceptance, exams, etc. are also deducted from users’ accounts as applied.

When a project is completed through payments made within the system, the feedback and rating system for that project will be activated. This provides the opportunity for the employer and freelancer to rate each other’s performance through comments and a simple 5-star rating scale. To ensure fairness, members may also post a response to the other party’s comments. A freelancer's overall ratings and individual project ratings and feedback are shown on their profile page to help employers assess the value of working with that freelancer. The feedback and rating system allows both employers and freelancers the opportunity to build their reputations through performance. It also provides the entire community with added protection against potential scams and unsatisfactory business transactions. strives to provide a safe, simple, and affordable environment for cooperation between freelancers and employers around the world. Join our ever-increasing membership to maximize the earning potential of your business through outsourcing, freelancing, or both!